About me

Hi there,

Ever since I found out how to make games, I have been interested in game development. I first worked with RPG Maker for a couple of years. In the meanwhile, I learned programming in PHP and it was not hard to apply that experience on learning the basics of Ruby. After several experiments with RPG Maker in combination with this programming language, I started using Microsoft's XNA Framework instead, as that was also used at the university at which I had started studying.

As choosing a study direction turned out harder than expected, I turned out to be studying both mathematics and game technology at Utrecht University. I have finished both programmes cum laude in three years and continued my study in the field of game technology by choosing the master programme Game and Media Technology (GMT for short), also at Utrecht University, which I finished in August 2015.

During my years at university I have made several smaller games on my own. In 2013 I decided together with a friend to start a more serious project, which resulted in Roche Fusion, a commercial game that was released on Steam.

For half a year I worked on a freelance project for Dominating 12 to completely rewrite the backend and frontend, while looking for a more persistent employement.

This employement I found at the end of 2015, and since February 2016 I have been working at Google as a Software Engineer, while maintaining my interests in game and library development through the open source community on GitHub.

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