This page summarises the most important projects I have worked on to date. In addition to this page, you can also check my profile on GitHub for some projects not listed here, or my contributions to other projects. I have also not listed all my Ludum Dare entries, but a complete overview of those can be found here.


Dominating 12

Dominating 12
Web Development - 2012-present

In 2012 I started as volunteer programmer at the Risk site Dominating 12. Since then I have implemented new features (amongst which a whole new game mode), counselled in design and technical decisions, and have moved the website to a new server, which I now actively maintain.
Since the backend was outdated, a complete rewrite was scheduled to be able to guarantee quality and security in the future. I am currently working on this rewrite on a full-time basis. Visit website »

Audio engine (name WIP)

Open Source - 2013-present

When Roche Fusion was in need of an audio engine - to accompany our custom graphics engine - I developed a simple audio framework using the OpenAL wrappers from OpenTK. The engine supports decoding wav- and ogg-files while streaming and real-time volume and pitch changes.
Due to experience gained since the creation of the library, the engine is currently being completely redesigned. Keep an eye on my blog for any announcements on this subject. The old (soon to deprecated) version can be found online: view on GitHub »


Open Source - 2015-present

Based on the many utility classes and methods we wrote for the development of Roche Fusion, a library containing a wide range of utility classes useful for game development was created. The library is MIT licensed. View on GitHub »


Roche Fusion
Game Development - 2013-2015

Roche Fusion is the first commercial project I have worked on as co-founder, gameplay programmer, and audio programmer. It is a fast-space space shoot'em up with colourful graphics and lots of explosions. Read more »

Ludum Dare #32 - Satellites vs Aliens

Ludum Dare #32 - Satellites vs Aliens
Game Development - 2015

Created within a timespan of 48 hours, this game was my entry for the Ludum Dare #32 competition. The entire game - including design, code, and assets - had to be created within the set 48 hours. The game is written in Unity3D and ranked 231st out of 1353.


Web Development - 2010-2013

I was one of the co-founders of RPGflag, which was the largest Dutch game development community for several years. The website was based around a forum, but also included tools to maintain an publish user-created games and articles. Read more »

Planet Jumper

Planet Jumper
Game Development - 2013

To experiment with the custom graphics engine made by Paul Scharf as replacement for the discontinued XNA Framework, I put together this small prototype. While the concept is very simple, the game turned out to provide a lot of fun while played. I decided to keep the game simple and not develop this game further. The result is however downloadable, requiring Windows and .NET Framework 4 to run.


Train Rush
Game Development - 2012

Train Rush was created together with Mattias Beimers as an entry for a game jam organised on RPGflag. The game was updated twice afterwards to include highscores and polish it, but it is no longer actively maintained. Read more »