RPGflag was a Dutch game development community - the largest for several years. Our goal was to create a place where all people interested can visit and talk about game development related topics. The community did not just consist of a forum, but also had custom systems that allow for writing articles (usually tutorials) and showing and managing user-created and -managed projects.

The community went through several development iterations and I have been heavily involved in each of them, having responsibilities in both the technical aspects and the design aspects. Most of the code related to projects was written by me, including the logic and page designs.

In addition to maintaining the website, I also managed the community by moderating discussions and organising events.

In November 2013 I quit working on RPGflag because I was unhappy with the investment of many of the other team members. The community was maintained by the residual team members until 2015, when the website was brought down due to continued inactivity of the team and members.

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